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My First lesson at Golf changes my age old belief about TARGET

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 18, 2014

Recently, I went to Dhaka Golf Club to start my Golf Coaching.  A very nice place.


A huge 18 course golf club with beautiful amenities. I met with my instructor and he started with basic lessons for Golf….

1. Outfits and Clothing – What to were and what not to ?

2. Stretching – pretty simple every one needs basic stretching of the body before any golf game

3. Posture – How to stand, how to move body, how to hold the club in your hand with proper grip without force

4. Target – When you hit the ball, don’t look at the the ground, look at the ball only. Calculate in your mind about the need of thrust, distance and angle. And look at the ball (ONLY) while hitting. If you start looking at the ground there are chances you might miss the target as other parameters might not fulfill.

This point exploded age old belief of “Create your target and always look at that” by a small change “Create your target (long term) but always be focus on the current achievements(short term)”.

A very important management lesson from my golf instructor. Thanks to him.


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Story of a Boy and Balloon Vendor [Brief]

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on February 21, 2014

This is an old story ….

A black boy was standing along with his friends surrounding the Balloon vendor. The Balloon vendor had many balloons big, small, round, pink, yellow, white, blue, black filled with gas. The boys were wondering why the balloons are going up and not falling down ?

The black boy hesitantly asked the balloon vendor : “Even this black one will go up with white, blue and yellow ? Will it not fall down ? “
The vendor smilingly replied : “My dear Boy, IT is not about the color of the balloon, it is about the material from which it is made and what is filled inside the balloon.  Every Balloon is made from the same material and has similar gas filled inside and so every balloon can go up. ”

What is your first reaction ?

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At the Crossroads of the Creative ideas

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on February 12, 2014

What is the right approach ?

Easily flowing with the current ?or  Create the momentum ?

Sell at ‘My Price’ and not to make loss ? or  Sell at ‘Market Demand’ at any price ?

Embrace Quality people or  Mix with everyone – with or without Quality ?

Any feedback ?

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What to do when you encounter the Objections while selling ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 23, 2013

There are 7 types of objections we come across while selling.

1. Price

Example: “Your services cost too much. I can get the ‘same’ service from someone cheaper.”

Hint : Don’t drop the price immediately. You would loose credibility.

Suggestions :
• Try to justify your price by breaking down your total cost or proving your proposed price is = purchase cost + loading charges + your profit.
• Many a time we can differentiate between basic services and premium services
• Your USPs for such price which client cannot get from any other provider
• Show benefit to the client by buying at your price

2. Complacency

Example: “I’m okay with the way things work right now.”

Hint : Don’t say this is OK ending your proposition

• Go with all the homework done about the prospect you are visiting to
• Elaborate on “IF the client does not use your product / services, then.. ” with a small touch of fear
• Explain how the competitors of the prospect are using new services and benefits they are reaping with the advancement (against complacency)
• Show the cost/ benefit analysis of your product / services against the existing one

3. Fear of Change

Example: “I don’t want to change the way we’ve been doing things for 15 years. Too much can go wrong.”

Hint : Similar to complacency

4. Trust

Example: “It seems like you know what you’re doing, but how do I know you really have the necessary experience to do this?”

Hint : Never ever go without credentials like
a. Membership of industry association
b. Clients’ testimonials
c. Case Studies

• Don’t show aggression to take the order, be honest and humble
• Show your credentials
• Tell them what clients says about your product / services
• Share the reference to cross check

5. Personal Politics

Example: “I told my brother’s friend’s wife I’d use her company for my next project.”

Hint : This is the biggest hurdle. This also means the person is either under family pressure or needs some gifts

• Explain if the project fails by his relative, he would not get work done and money is also lost following to loosing relationship and problems in the family
• He could also loose the face in the office due to the incomplete work and might face inq in case of bigger projects
• Motivate the person with some gifts as a courtesy

6. External Input

Example: “I need to run this by my wife/business partner/mentor before I do anything else.”

Hint : He is looking for third party help. The only point the third party has to be trusted one and commercially beneficial to him

• Create the trust factor spending some time with him
• Work on the business plan
• Show him the benefits working with you

7. Timing

Example: “It’s too much for me to take on right now; I’m too busy; Call me again in 6 months.”

Hint :
a. Having no time is only the excuse.
b. He might not have time even after 6 months.

• Make your proposition short and sweet
• Request the client for few mins to close the discussion
• Make him understand how easy is this to implement your proposition
• Show the potential upside of your proposition adding value to his career

Abovementioned are the basic objections for any Sales process. With every objection it confirms you are closer to close the deal.

But objections don’t not end. You can make a list of the common objections and the points on how to overcome them.

Because for any client there might be 100 reason “Not to Buy” but “To Buy” there is only one reason – That is “To Buy” !!!

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A To Z Qualities of a Salesman

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 22, 2013

I was browsing through Web to create a the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager for the next recruitment. Here is the extract.

Sales Manager is a person…
A. Who can do Planning & Budgeting
B. can focus on Revenue Generation
C. has good Team Work
D. can create Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Target
E. is a Psychologist who understands others
F. is a Strategist
G. can do Account Mapping
H. can contribute to Lead Generation
I. can sense New Opportunities
J. can do Brand Promotion
K. is a motivator Motivator
L. is a good Supervisor
M. is a good Performance tracker
N. who Maintains and Improves Client Relations
O. who Maintains Data and Records
P. is a good trainer
Q. Having good knowledge of Product / Technology
R. Handles Credit Situation and Collection
S. can do Product Demonstration and Presentations
T. who Maintains cordial relations with Cross teams
U. keeps Knowledge of competitors
V. who does Market Research
W. Who participates in the events / roadshows
X. who can Recognize the frequent customers and their buying behavior
Y. can communicate favorable image of the organization as a whole
Z. who is trust worthy and dependable

I have my reasons for the A to Z characteristics listed above and will share thoughts on them one by one.

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Must to follow NGOs for Jains and Gujaratis

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 16, 2013

Recently, I have observed two Organisations really serving the people from Gujarat and Jains.  With the endeavour they have put in to building the website and backend Libraries are ultimate. And I must share it with everyone whom I know. 

Hats off to them…..

1. For Jains :

Pravin K Shah
Jaina Education Committee
Jain eLibrary Project
919 859 4994

2. Chanderia Foundation : Gujarati Lexicon for All Gujaratis worldwide

12, Sudhakar Apartment,
26 Narayan Dhabolkar Marg,
Malabar Hill,
Mumbai – 400 006

Contact Person: Jayesh Patel
Phone: +91-22-2363 4867, +91-22-2364 0724,
+91-22-2367 7293


** I was not told to write about them at all. IT is personal opinion shared with my fellow friends to have best things in virtual life.

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“People Myopia” or “Department Myopia”

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 14, 2013

Myopia – An Ancient Greek word, commonly known as being nearsighted (American English) and shortsighted (British English), is a condition of the eye where the light that comes in does not directly focus on the retina but in front of it.

This causes the image that one sees when looking at a distant object to be out of focus, but in focus when looking at a close object.

Marketing myopia is a term used in marketing as well as the title of an important marketing paper written by Theodore Levitt. Marketing Myopia suggests that businesses will do better in the end if they concentrate on meeting customers’ needs rather than on selling products.

The Myopic culture, Levitt postulated, would pave the way for a business to fail, due to the short-sighted mindset and illusion that a firm is in a so-called ‘growth industry’.

Extending this phenomena, many Top Level Executives suffer from “People Myopia” or “Department Myopia”. Gradually they start loving their team mates from the same department they belong. They start believing in “My Own Department” from they have incepted or have worked long. They feel possesive for the people of that department as their own rather a part of the company. They unknowingly extend their favour to the people about whom they feel possessive and believe what ever work done by that particular employee or department is always RIGHT.

This undue favour comes from “People Myopia” or “Department Myopia”.

Unfortunately, this does not stop here. They start doing injustice to other people or department in the company to prove their “People Myopia” or “Department Myopia” is right. And simply others suffer !!

This leads to …

1. Wastage of Resources increasing burden on other people or departments
2. Frustration among other people or departments due to increased work and injustice
3. Their own people from own department (under Myopia) take disadvantage from them

A very small dieses of Myopia can lead to huge loss.
And the people who resist their Bosses’ Myopia are always in the trouble.

Suggestion :  Study, observe and let it be loose

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Performance of the sales team is directly related to Qualities of a Salesman

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on July 31, 2013

And the last day I was reading the article from about “Essential Qualities/Traits of a salesman”
(What ever is written in the bracket is my feedback)

1. Sound health
2. Good posture  
3. Pleasant voice
4. Good appearance
    1. Cleanliness, 2. Grooming and 3. Clothes
5. Cheerfulness
6. Imagination
7. Alertness
8. Resourcefulness
9. Initiative (should be limited to the department, or prerogative)
10. Observation
11. Self-confidence (Don’t indulge in over confidence)
12. Memory
13. Sociability (It is not about being on Social Media)
14. Enthusiasm (Not Over enthusiasm)
15. Tact (Not Cheating or Cunningness)
16. Co-operation
17. Courtesy (Yes I can not use my mobile in front of customers, but I do that in my boss’ chamber)
18. Patience and tolerance (My boss does not have patience because I am always right)
19. Effective speech (Is that over Whatapp or twitter ? )
20. Honesty (Never thought about while creating forged bills)
21. Integrity (Character, moral, honesty, promise fulfillment – Lot to choose from !!)
22. Loyalty (I work on Loyaty rewards)
    (i) loyalty to the organization, (ii) loyalty to the customers, (iii) loyalty to the fellow-workers.
23. Reliability
24. Industriousness (Sharp minds never work hard !! and so do I)
25. Courage ( Having enough courage to drive with free hands)
26. Sincerity
27. Maturity
28. Determination ( I am determined to keep hopping)

Now the main ponit is what weight should be given to each quality and what makes a neutral and balanced team ?

The team which can achieve something would have few qualities with weight in common. But the team which are under performing must be having trouble to balance the qualities and weight.

 For, example if we give 10 points to each quality above, we would have 280 total marks.  You can give the marks to each team members as per their effectiveness per quality. That means every sales man of the team can achieve upto 280 mark.

Let’s see the result.

The team, where every team member has more than 80% are in the sync with each other and  company culture. And those below 80% would have lot of differences.

Outcome :

The first team would do better than later one.


If your team falls below 80%, it is your time to put them in the sync !!!

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High Cost of BAD Hire …

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on July 17, 2013

I was reading this article by Ryan Holmes on Linkedin.

Pretty straight forward article, I would say.  Still it was missing the pain points of any company. I tried to jot down few points on “High Cost of BAD Hire” as under…. ( This is more of the India Centric, Sales Centric and would have basic comparison with Intl Standard).

1. Big Picture – A common strategy opted by the candidates before the interview. They can easily show you the Moon in your Palm. Promptly, Convincingly, Confidently.  Which eventually proves false and the initiates the mistrust between  the employee and employer. Finally many a times, Non Achievers are shown the door. In this entire process the loose is – The Employer.

2. Non Punctual – About time, reports, meetings, work.  Many Hires are easily forgets everything !!!  Real Funny !!! Many of them pretend they have forgotten.  Never reach office in time, never reach to the clients in time, never does the reporting in appropriate or timely manner (I guess they feel reporting is the low category work). They are never sure why they are going for the meeting ( Agenda) and never like to send MoM (Minutes of the Meeting) to put the discussion in Black and White.

Every wrong move makes the company bleed !

3. Learning Curve –  Many people never learn, many never like to learn, many never try to learn !!! They might fall in any category. They are the burden for the Employer / Company.

Every org has its own culture, way of working, process and ideology.  When employees join they always put in their CV they are “Quick Learners”.  But somehow they can not come out of their mind set to learn something new. They always like to behave in their own way, they way they feel comfortable upto their petite knowledge.

The situation – They don’t know few things and (probably due to their Self Ego) they feel ashamed learning new.  IT could be a sales trick, process, approach, presentation or anything.

In every case and situation Employer / Company is loosing on Brand reputation, Image, Resources.

4. Union – Many companies feel pinch of the Unions. Earlier it was very difficult for the Employers to do business. Now a days there are no formal unions but there are non formal unions. The small groups of the people come up with their issues with other groups, stall the work, create the situation against the employer / company and disrupt the business.


5. Ethics / Morale –  Many of them are unaware of those words when in the job.  (Many employers too !)

In few points I have mentioned here, are the basic points. yet, it can dent the companies with the High Cost of the BAD Hire.

Hope we change,




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My replies on “Do you agree that the next generation of marketing is mobile driven?”

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on July 15, 2013

Few points I would suggest here…..

1. Mobile is not about next generation. It already has penetrated our lives by now. It has to be current generation.
2. Next Generation would be multi devices as Tanner said above.
3. Marketing has always been the content driven, mobile would be the medium. Hence, we need to have better Content to serve your message withing the limits of a devices. Better and faster you adapt more you spread out.
4. We need to create the SOLUTIONS around the business / organisation / target group / other specs. Once that is done, you can have better audience using the mobile / devices.
5. Less intrusive and more likeable way of reaching the right audience is always a good option when we use the personal devices (mobile / laptop / tabs and alike).

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