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Are we progressing ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on September 5, 2009

Two days back, I met my uncle at International Airport.

He is working for Motorola (USA) and was very glad to see the progressing India. The new facilities, prosperity of the people and much more. But he was happy to see the things.

When people say about India progressing, which as an Indian my dream is. I want my country to see on the top chart of Developed nations.  But sometimes have some dilemma on the real progress.

We have internet everywhere but sometimes no water in the tap (this is happening in my office too ).

We have Airconditioning machines installed but power could be scarcity even in some places of the city like Mumbai – Financial Capital of India.

We have best roads and building but there is no water for people to drink or bath for 7 days (Recent Delhi matter)

We have Bank account with online / IVR Facility, which keeps you on phone for min 15 mins.

We have flights for every destination but last mile connectivity is missing.

We have latest education which boasts students with minimum guarantee of salary (!) and not knowledge!

We have higher salary which will not be able to compete the rising expenses in coming year.  Small Savings of today I am not sure how will be enough for the tomorrow ?

WE have many things but does not match with Meslow’s theory !

It makes me vulnerable to think more and more on this matter, though there is  nothing a common man ( or even uncommon man) can do.

We, as a country has many issues, the major one , discussed by all literates,  Population, literacy (we are fair in this) and culture.


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