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What about Mango Man in India ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 5, 2010

Day before yesterday, I stranded in the train for 5 hrs due to the strike called by motormen for Salary Hike.

The trains disrupted and there were some scenes, I remember a lot….

–  People who does not have money for taxi / Rickshaw have to stick to the trains only in second class in extremely bad situation.

–  There are physically challenged people including blind commute by local trains. They could not go for loo for 5 damn hours or more.

– People visiting Mumbai from outside, traveling in the train, kept waiting and got stranded.

– Old aged people with Diabetes ( need to take food after regular intervals) were suffering.

– People who can not stand for longer hours , had to be in the train for longer hours.

Local Trains are called “Life Line of Mumbai” and it is in true sense the life line.

Which only 2000 vandals can derail!!!

Political parties got the issue to shout (though all the motormen are members of one or other local parties)

The Minster of Railway was sitting on the issue for long and did not care to respond even being busy in Local Election campaign.

Every thing in this episode was the creation of the political parties but the sufferers were the people who depend on railway for commuting day to day to day with pathetic facilities to earn their good.

Entire episode would have been tackled in the first place, but they wanted this issue and they got it.  Now they have enough job for next few months and points to blame each other.

But what about the Mango Man ? Is there any machinery to save Mango Man from the grip of the Vandals ?

Would this have happened in USA / UK / China or Brazil ?

Answers welcome..


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