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Unskilled Army with Power and trust from Top – The Gurantee of Chaos

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on July 3, 2013

Though you have an army of the employees;

They do whatever you say and whenever you say;

Showing best of the loyalty towards you and you trust them the most;

There is time to think !

CHECK, if any or more of the below adjectives are for them ?

  • Unskilled
  • Uneducated
  • Inexperienced
  • Disinterested
  • Apathetic
  • Impassive
  • Unconcerned
  • Unresponsive
  • Dispassionate
  • Laid-Back
  • Nonchalant
  • Blase
  • Deceitful
  • Blamer

And don’t use your opinion. Take opinions from others also.

IF your employees are matching with any or many of the above mentioned adjectives. IT is completely STOP sign for you to think twice before trusting and giving them power.

They are not having GOOD qualities to contribute. They can not help you to make your company A world class entity.

They make you run around the process, procedure, accusations, delays leading to misunderstanding, resource waste and demotivating.  They can for sure create huge Chaos.


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A small story – Only for the people from SMS background …

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 7, 2013

Recently, I was dumbfound with some amazing reporting few of the clients receive in general  while they push SMS via Transactional route. 

 The story starts here.

 Many of the SMS Aggregators have the clients like Banks, Insurance companies and alike. When they do the SMS Push on the Transactional route, they show “More than 95% (Industry Standard) to 98% of SMS delivery to SIM”

 Sending Transactional messages to the clients is a normal practice most of the banks follow here.

 I am sure above point seems pretty simple and sweet.

 Thinking in Indian scenario, many of the clients keep changing their mobile number and are not very punctual updating it with Bank or Insurance companies. And that number becomes dead. Means not working.

 There is no particular statistics, but asking few industry veterans and colleagues, I found the ratio of dead number has to be between 5%  to 15% !!!

 That means only 85% to 95% of numbers can receive any messages sent by anyone, including the Banks, which receives the Delivery Report of more than 95% (?)!

 That means you have 5% to 15% numbers dead in your database and you receive the report which shows more than 95% (non delivery to mere 2 to 3%).   And many of the people still like to believe the statistics of the received reports.

 I am sure you also would go dumbfound reading this.  

 The story has ended.

 I don’t claim to prove anything in this entire story.  I don’t claim my figures are accurate.  I would suggest to get the database checked with HLR Lookup to believe it. 

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The World Environment Day – Safeguarding environment has to be the culture not celebration

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 6, 2013

Many years ago when the Environment was not behaving unpredictably and Global Warming was under control,  a foreign scientist visited India (then a third world country or an Emerging Country).  Recycling was not famous even in the western culture then.


He was very curious how people live in India with little amenities even then people are happy here.

While his visit to a village, he saw one person giving (not donating) his clothes to his younger sibling.  Curious enough, he asked the mother of both about what is happening and why the clothes are given to the younger one ?  His dilemma is why there is no “Use and throw “?


The mother explained the clothes which are still in good condition are shared with the other members of the family.  The curiosity extended to the next level to understand when they throw the clothes. Mother explained further after sharing the clothes multiple times when the clothes are completely torn down, it is used for making quilts.  The homemade quilts are used for 5 to 10 years. After that it is given to the poor people or it is used for cleaning the house.  The same cloth worn 10 to 15 years before, is still in use!!


The scientist was stunned to hear so but that was not the end.  The mother added  and after a year or two when the cloth is completely useless, it is scrapped and mixed with the cowdung to surface the walls of the hut. 


The cloth manufactured once used for almost 15 to 17 years and then it is used for some unconventional way.


If the things are reused or recycled properly we can save the environment in a big way by eliminating the need of large production. Eventually leads to save the environment.


The scientist understood why India (then an Emerging country) does not need to celebrate “The World Environment Day”.  Here recycling or reusing is the part of life.


Safeguarding Environment has to be the culture not the celebration for a day.


We still have time to act and change our habits. Think twice before throwing anything assuming it is useless !!


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Commons Objections in a Sales Process

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 5, 2013

There are 7 types of objections we come across while selling.


1. Price


Example: “Your services cost too much. I can get the ‘same’ service from someone cheaper.”


Hint : Don’t drop the price immediately. You would loose credibility. 


Suggestions :

  • Try to justify your price by breaking down your total cost or proving your proposed price is = purchase cost + loading charges + your profit.
  • Many a time we can differentiate between basic services and premium services
  • Your USPs for such price which client cannot get from any other provider
  • Show benefit to the client by buying at your price


2. Complacency


Example: “I’m okay with the way things work right now.”


Hint : Don’t say this is OK ending your proposition



  • Go with all the homework done about the prospect you are visiting to
  • Elaborate on “IF the client does not use your product / services, then.. ”  with a small touch of fear
  • Explain how the competitors of the prospect are using new services and benefits they are reaping with the advancement (against complacency)
  • Show the cost/ benefit analysis of your product / services against the existing one


3. Fear of Change


Example: “I don’t want to change the way we’ve been doing things for 15 years. Too much can go wrong.”


Hint : Similar to complacency


4. Trust


Example: “It seems like you know what you’re doing, but how do I know you really have the necessary experience to do this?”


Hint : Never ever go without credentials like

                a. Membership of industry association

                b. Clients’ testimonials

                c. Case Studies



  • Don’t show aggression to take the order, be honest and humble
  • Show your credentials
  • Tell them what clients says about your product / services
  • Share the reference to cross check



5. Personal Politics


Example: “I told my brother’s friend’s wife I’d use her company for my next project.”


Hint : This is the biggest hurdle. This also means the person is either under family pressure or needs some gifts



  • Explain if the project fails by his relative, he would not get work done and money is also lost following to loosing relationship and problems in the family
  • He could also loose the face in the office due to the incomplete work and might face inq in case of bigger projects
  • Motivate the person with some gifts as a courtesy



6. External Input


Example: “I need to run this by my wife/business partner/mentor before I do anything else.”


Hint : He is looking for third party help. The only point the third party has to be trusted one and commercially beneficial to him



  • Create the trust factor spending some time with him
  • Work on the business plan
  • Show him the benefits working with you


7. Timing


Example: “It’s too much for me to take on right now; I’m too busy; Call me again in 6 months.”


Hint :

  1. Having no time is only the excuse.
  2. He might not have time even after 6 months.



  • Make your proposition short and sweet
  • Request the client for few mins to close the discussion
  • Make him understand how easy is this to implement your proposition
  • Show the potential upside of your proposition adding value to his career


Abovementioned are the basic objections for any Sales process. With every objection it confirms you are closer to close the deal. 


But objections don’t not end. You can make a list of the common objections and the points on how to overcome them.


Because for any client there might be 100 reason “Not to Buy” but “To Buy” there is only one reason – That is “To Buy”  !!!

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Agile enemy better than dumb friend

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 3, 2013

A very old proverb in Gujarati and many other language 

મૂરખ મિત્ર કરતા ચાલાક દુશ્મન સારો  !!!

Seen at many places…

IF we consider in politics 

–  The smart supporter is better than the crowd of dumb people (though it is proving wrong now a days) 

In operations / business…..

– A team of dumb people does not generate result 

– A team of dumb support guys can mishandle so nicely can put the entire company in jeopardy on regular basis 

– A team of dumb sales people can easily make you miss the targets

– A lousy team of accountants without professional qualification can harm a company 

IN sports 

– A smart player in cricket can easily make the team of 12 to loose the game 

– A smart person at heading the committee can deny stepping down on the moral grounds 

In Life 

– A group of relatives without any affection or emotional value are as strangers as you find many people around you in the local fair 

– A set of friends interested in partying only are similar to connection on the social media 


Why not to have…

limited but the best ?

Small but significant ?

Less and challenging !

Quality and commanding !



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5000 Connection to 5000 friends

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 28, 2013

Yesterday,  I crossed 5000 connection mark on LinkedIn.

I somehow hate the word connection. (I m not social media hater, but the longevity of a connection is not digestible for me).  I like friends, acquaintance or associates.  

A connection when added some fruitful relationship becomes Friend or Associate. 

LinkedIn network has been very useful. Now the next target is making Friends and Associates. 



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What is better ? Rusting or Chopping, Mincing, Grinding ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 27, 2013

Many of the intellectuals believe…

“Not to Invest Resources in the place where you feel outcome is not expected” 

This is true for the Intellectuals !!!

When many of the Sales People start believing the same, it is Anarchy !!

And when they stop their activities on the same belief and stop working analysing their most of the activities are not going to gain them (?)!!

Now just think about the 80:20 ratio and if the sales people stop putting their efforts for 80% of the prospect.

We all have received advise from our elders in one or other form : It is better to get Chopped, Scrubbed, Minced than to sit idle and do Nothing (Rusting). 

Same applies to the Sales. 

When one (sales person) feels there it is not good to invest resources behind some work, telecalling, meeting the prospects, after sales meeting with clients, doing research on competition, learning new things of the same domain and going out on the field;  her career graph starts declining from that point. 

There is always something better. And even if not, there is nothing to loose for her. 

Activities done are never lost resources. Activities not done is always leads to missing the targets. Leading to repenting.

Activities makes a sales person alive. Sitting idle or imitate doing something (sitting in the office) does not create any opportunity for her. 



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This is for my friends from Africa, ME and Rest of the world…

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 2, 2013

Few days back an ex colleague and friend of mine – Ashwin Roy Choudhary (Bombil Media) was throwing out his anger on FB. He was cheated by some Indian SMEs for payment after services consumed. And few others joined them with the similar experience.

Some clients don’t pay (Even after the agreement)
Some clients don’t pay in time. (after long past the payment due date)
Some clients don’t pay complete amount accusing there were issues in the vendor’s services after consuming services 3 months earlier. (this is just to create a loop of few week more for non payment)
Some clients don’t pay in time saying the papers are sent signing and (fortunately) CFO is on holidays. (Indian CFOs are lucky they get vacation whenever they have to pay)!!

And there might be other 100 reasons for not paying. (To pay they need only one reason – To pay)

Though all Indian Enterprises are not cheaters, but this modus operandi is observed in majority of them. Like it has become a trend, like it their psyche.

Currently, we are working with the largest Retailer in India. Our Payment is pending for last 3 months after due date. And while asking for payment we are being forwarded from department to departments. A lot of communication, but nobody utters a single word for payment. And the irony is the CFO level people are not humble enough to reply the mails also. Pity on this Indian system of payment.

A largest media company paid us after 2 months of rigorous followup (After due date). And that too in parts.

I am sharing this to make aware my friends from outside India.

When they partner with Indian companies they get exited. And afterwards (typically paying in advance) they are duped with money, services and promise.

So, take care.

Some Indian companies likes “Not to Pay” , “Not to Pay in time”, “Counting on interest earned on the days not paid”, “Enjoy not paying” and many such reason.

Many companies in India are not cautious about their good will or brand name. They like to become BAD Pay Masters.

It is not correct for everyone, there might be good companies as well.

Yet we being in India we have many bad experiences. And we cherish those experiences.

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Career in Sales is like Index of Stockmarket

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on April 29, 2013

Many of my friends in top positions are egoistic.
Many of them feel they are smarter than their sub ordinates and many a times their bosses.
Many of them are rude towards downline and unnecessarily polite towards upline.
Many of them are under illusion of being the best among the heard.
Many of them take (snatch) the privilege of scolding the team members, cross team and anyone who comes across not capable enough.

Many of them suffer from many mental and emotional phases.
Many of my friends create an impression of vulnerable and unpredictable boss bullying others.
Many of them tend to loose politeness at least towards down-lines.

And my Boss, Friend, Philosopher and Guide mentored me with some points as below….
(Mr. Abhijit Kumar :

>> Never feel you would remain at the same position for your lifetime. Career in sales is like Index of Stock market -always moving Up and down
>> Be humble to others, specially towards your downline and colleagues from cross team.
>> Ego is good in work not in relationship.

I found them really worth practicing.

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Future Human = (M)Human = Mindless Human

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on April 11, 2013

A girl walking on the road listening to the music but not interested. 

A student in the class to learn Mathematics continuously replying to IM messages. 

A person having digital screens across everywhere – Computer in Office, Tablet on the go, Mobile for other than calling work,  TV in home and OOH Screens while out. 

Currently we are splurged with choices. And we are hooked to multiple screens and voices whether we like or dislike, whether we need it or not. 

The addiction of the digitalness might deteriorate the “Generation Next” with weak eyes, weak ears and may be weak mind too ! On relationship front it has already started fading !

And our scientist might come up with the idea to implant few miniature accessories by birth. Like Digital chip for long lasting eye, digital bud for the ears and so on. 

They might come up with the idea where the people who have lost their thinking power (due to digitalness) can think based on the huge database in the backend.

May be a micro chip which listens every conversation in voice, translates in the words sends the message to the brain, brain will try to reply the query. IF brain does not have answer it will ‘google out’ the answer being connected with the web. And finally the right answer will come out in brain, brain will translate in voice and the person will reply.

It seems like fiction but the day are not far being an (M)Human; a Mindless Human if we don’t start thinking immediately. 



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