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What to do when you encounter the Objections while selling ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 23, 2013

There are 7 types of objections we come across while selling.

1. Price

Example: “Your services cost too much. I can get the ‘same’ service from someone cheaper.”

Hint : Don’t drop the price immediately. You would loose credibility.

Suggestions :
• Try to justify your price by breaking down your total cost or proving your proposed price is = purchase cost + loading charges + your profit.
• Many a time we can differentiate between basic services and premium services
• Your USPs for such price which client cannot get from any other provider
• Show benefit to the client by buying at your price

2. Complacency

Example: “I’m okay with the way things work right now.”

Hint : Don’t say this is OK ending your proposition

• Go with all the homework done about the prospect you are visiting to
• Elaborate on “IF the client does not use your product / services, then.. ” with a small touch of fear
• Explain how the competitors of the prospect are using new services and benefits they are reaping with the advancement (against complacency)
• Show the cost/ benefit analysis of your product / services against the existing one

3. Fear of Change

Example: “I don’t want to change the way we’ve been doing things for 15 years. Too much can go wrong.”

Hint : Similar to complacency

4. Trust

Example: “It seems like you know what you’re doing, but how do I know you really have the necessary experience to do this?”

Hint : Never ever go without credentials like
a. Membership of industry association
b. Clients’ testimonials
c. Case Studies

• Don’t show aggression to take the order, be honest and humble
• Show your credentials
• Tell them what clients says about your product / services
• Share the reference to cross check

5. Personal Politics

Example: “I told my brother’s friend’s wife I’d use her company for my next project.”

Hint : This is the biggest hurdle. This also means the person is either under family pressure or needs some gifts

• Explain if the project fails by his relative, he would not get work done and money is also lost following to loosing relationship and problems in the family
• He could also loose the face in the office due to the incomplete work and might face inq in case of bigger projects
• Motivate the person with some gifts as a courtesy

6. External Input

Example: “I need to run this by my wife/business partner/mentor before I do anything else.”

Hint : He is looking for third party help. The only point the third party has to be trusted one and commercially beneficial to him

• Create the trust factor spending some time with him
• Work on the business plan
• Show him the benefits working with you

7. Timing

Example: “It’s too much for me to take on right now; I’m too busy; Call me again in 6 months.”

Hint :
a. Having no time is only the excuse.
b. He might not have time even after 6 months.

• Make your proposition short and sweet
• Request the client for few mins to close the discussion
• Make him understand how easy is this to implement your proposition
• Show the potential upside of your proposition adding value to his career

Abovementioned are the basic objections for any Sales process. With every objection it confirms you are closer to close the deal.

But objections don’t not end. You can make a list of the common objections and the points on how to overcome them.

Because for any client there might be 100 reason “Not to Buy” but “To Buy” there is only one reason – That is “To Buy” !!!


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