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Value Human Assets

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 14, 2012

Today, I read below line written by Earl Nightingale …

“Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people.”

And I remembered a sentence from one Indian Minister : We need to value the Human Resources and avoid Hire & Fire policy.

In west, this is very famous phenomena to have people on board until they are useful. They are fired the day they are “Not Useful to the organisation”.

Though, many a times they are also given the compensation package too.

But this system creates FEAR in the mind of Employee to loose the job any time. And now a days there are many loopholes to avoid paying pension and other perks.

In earlier Indian system once the person was on board, he was on board for life time with the assurance of job and security. Yet, that system lead to slavery later on.

Under influence of development, different culture and competing markets many Indian companies embraced this system.

I agree with our Minister who suggested to Value the Human Asset and help them to grow to next level rather simply firing.


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Funny Business ….

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 12, 2012

Sharing a small incident here.

A few days back certain so called association serving aggregation industry got a pinch due to Telecom Regulatory and Operators’ decision.

And due to that Last few days have been a real nightmare for many of association members’ tech guys and support dept; not sparing management – Price rise, competition, support coordination and limping account movement.

With all these, the business faltered and a frustrating environment was created. Internally and externally (competitors, operators, regulators and many).

The members of association decided to work in cooperation to tackle the problems and made a cartel. They invited other companies doing similar business to join and fix the floor price. They also decided they will convince the Operators (Big Brothers) else fight with them.

And the funniest part starts now.

– None of them knew whom to meet in the Operators ( all of them were in business for more than 2 years) !!
– None of them knew which office undertakes their sort of business in Operator
– None of them realised they do insignificant business in terms of total revenue for operators
– None of them stuck to the price fixing
– None of them cartalisation of pricing is not allowed in the country

2nd part of the fun starts here…

– Everyone of them were bullish on Customer Retention
– Everyone failed to have Operator Relations
– Everyone failed to put their Ideas clear
– Everyone was busy in pulling each others’ legs

And the result …

They made uproar without significance and wasted lots of time and energy in internal discussion.

It was funny to observe the so called experienced, market leaders
– Not having carrier relation, inspite being in business for years
– Not knowing people in side the Operator
– Making one’s self fool by having the
– Discussing about Money cartel which is prohibited in the country
– Not adhering to their own words of Floor price fixing and giving lower price to their customers in person

Last but not least..
– Talking about punishing the Operators was like seeing a rat abusing the Cats after 2 pegs of alcohol

Most funniest ever…

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Ego – When and Where

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 12, 2012

Many Sales people play with EGO. Sometimes their own, sometimes their boss’, sometimes coworkers and many a times customers’.

I would prefer people with EGO. This is the best motivator for any sales person. This is the best driver helping one to achieve the target, closing deals, convincing customer, and being creative with solution for the clients.

Yet one always tends to eliminate, scrub, rub, forget and alter the thin line between “Having Ego inside” and “Uttering harsh words impulsed by EGO”.

Here is the difference to identify. This difference can be correct only by oneself. Teacher’s can not teach it, trainers can not keep the check on your impulsed EGO.

Do a small exercise :

Just record your talk with the customers using the mobile phone and listen to the same at later time. Like we read our own writing to correct it later. And try to identify what makes you impulsive to utter the words hurting others’ EGO. Also try to use alternate words for the common ones.

During the listening try to correct…
– Your opening (with different lines)
– Few words (We instead I where possible)
– Respecting words ( for the client, your products / solutions and your company)
– Eliminate the accusing and confronting words
– Thanks and Goodbye lines

Try to re run ( speak again ) the entire episode assuming you are in front of the customer. And keep the recording ON. Listen it once again and you will find a “Different YOU” talking.

Initially, this is going to take some time, after 5 rehearsals like above mentioned it will be absolutely normal and fast.

Even after practicing for long, the EGO is still there, only YOUR Approach has changed, your words have changed, your style has changed.

Let your EGO be there motivating you to achieve your sales, but keep it limited to yourself without sharing with others !!!

Goodluck with your EGO.

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Forget 4Ps , it is 8Ps now….

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 3, 2012

Let’s take the ‘8Ps’ marketing talks about and look at what they mean for sales professionals:

1. Product — sales people always need a thorough knowledge of  products and in a recession you also need to be able to differentiate your proposition to the customer clearly. The marketing team can help to formulate a clear value proposition and keep an eye on what is changing in terms of the competition. Ask for regular focused updates to be sent to your phone or email.
2. Price — customers are going to be even more eager to ensure that they are receiving value for money. Again, tracking competitor activity can help us present prices positively.
3. Promotion — marketing can action promotional campaigns that result in leads for the sales team. They can also help by qualifying these leads so that you make the most of sales efforts.
4. Place — keep prospecting and looking for potential customers that are similar to your current customers. Once again the marketing team can help by carrying out research to boost your knowledge and save you time.
5. People — get on the phone and ask your best customers to provide referrals to others that may have a need for your products and services. Follow up these referrals or ask the marketing team for help to do so.
6. Process — look after your pipeline business. It is never more important than to follow up business which is already in the pipeline than in a changing economic climate. Some business will inevitably fall away — however, you will lose even more if you expect it to happen. Think positively.

7. Physical evidence — provide the marketing team with a list of ‘warm’ customers who may be willing to supply information for case-studies or testimonials that the sales team can use as proof statements when talking to prospective customers.

 And then you can add:
8. Personal selling — sales people need to be proficient and do what only they can do — build and maintain relationships. Marketing can help to identify decision-makers in target      organisations, but only the personal touch will build relationships and present relevant benefits to customers and prospective customers, so building their confidence in your company. 

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Prospecting for IT Solutions over phone – Benchmark your Time

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 3, 2012

While Prospecting the International clients over the phone for many years, I have benchmarked the time based on the interest of the client and the time they have.

   * Introducing yourself————– 1line
   * Introduce your company———3-5 lines
   * No of Products / Services ——————–3-5 lines
   * Brief of Products / Services ——————3-5 lines  per product / service
   * Description of product one by one———3-5 lines
   * Understand the customers———
             Infrastructure and Requirement——– for each ask max 3  questions
   * Prepare the basic architecture ————1 min
              And discuss on that————5 to 7 min
   * Freeze the basic Architecture ——–Finalize 

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Did you know that you are like a pencil? Here’s how:

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 3, 2012

  • Like a pencil, you can correct your mistakes. You can’t change the past, but you can rectify it. And though you can’t erase history, you can erase guilt and anger with forgiveness. 
  • Like a pencil, painful sharpening can serve to make you better. Your difficult times can actually sharpen your skills or shape you into the person you were meant to be. 
  • Like a pencil, you can do great things when you allow yourself to be held in Someone’s hand. 
  • Like a pencil, you can leave your mark whenever possible. That is what you’re here for — to leave your mark. It may be in small ways, it may be in the lives of people you have 
  • touched or nurtured, but you must leave something good behind whenever you can. 
  • Like a pencil, it is what is on the inside that matters. Whether it is understanding or intolerance, love or bitterness, peace or unrest, kindness or self-centeredness, 
  • hope or despair, courage or fear, what is on the inside matters most. 

Next time you use a pencil, pause and think about that little writing tool. It teaches some great lessons about living.

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