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At the Crossroads of the Creative ideas

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on February 12, 2014

What is the right approach ?

Easily flowing with the current ?or  Create the momentum ?

Sell at ‘My Price’ and not to make loss ? or  Sell at ‘Market Demand’ at any price ?

Embrace Quality people or  Mix with everyone – with or without Quality ?

Any feedback ?


One Response to “At the Crossroads of the Creative ideas”

  1. ratan14 said

    Dear sir,

    What I have learnt from my minimum would be to create momentum no matter what type of organization I am working with or what personal goals I am looking forward to.The rules are changing quickly gather knowledge of the marketplace, always mindful of your surroundings and constantly just keep moving forward.

    When it comes to business in today’s competitive world, everyone looks forward to cutting the cost and capture the market. Working with VoIP industry teaches me that. But still selling at my own price, coming up with deals is possible all due to the quality customers we encircle ourselves

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