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A To Z Qualities of a Salesman

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 22, 2013

I was browsing through Web to create a the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager for the next recruitment. Here is the extract.

Sales Manager is a person…
A. Who can do Planning & Budgeting
B. can focus on Revenue Generation
C. has good Team Work
D. can create Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Target
E. is a Psychologist who understands others
F. is a Strategist
G. can do Account Mapping
H. can contribute to Lead Generation
I. can sense New Opportunities
J. can do Brand Promotion
K. is a motivator Motivator
L. is a good Supervisor
M. is a good Performance tracker
N. who Maintains and Improves Client Relations
O. who Maintains Data and Records
P. is a good trainer
Q. Having good knowledge of Product / Technology
R. Handles Credit Situation and Collection
S. can do Product Demonstration and Presentations
T. who Maintains cordial relations with Cross teams
U. keeps Knowledge of competitors
V. who does Market Research
W. Who participates in the events / roadshows
X. who can Recognize the frequent customers and their buying behavior
Y. can communicate favorable image of the organization as a whole
Z. who is trust worthy and dependable

I have my reasons for the A to Z characteristics listed above and will share thoughts on them one by one.


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