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India a Big Disaster ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 18, 2012

What is happening to this country?  It is really unrealistic to absorb the price hike ( eg. Milk price increases 2 Rs every quarter, fuel price and so other things). It seems we are under the impression of the growth and not looking forward to the future.  We have turned ourselves to “Future Blind”.  

I was talking to a good old friend yesterday.  From Stock market domain !! And understandably the market which was on the top of all once upon a time is under myopia for last one year and there is no hope of getting better for next year and a half  !!!!!! He was literally screaming on the Govt / system and situation. As it burns the heart and pocket !!   About revolution we defined, In India only Digital Revolution is possible, not the one happened long back in India, France and some other countries. The fire is there in people but not coming out as one. 

There are lot of absurd thoughts, due to the fearing surroundings and happenings.  It is overshooting the budgets of Medium class and soon it will be unbearable for many. 

Hope to see Old Good Days once again !!


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