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Marissa Mayer – A True leader

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on March 5, 2013

Marissa Mayer – A name tops the searches of Global Powerful Women’s list.


The current CEO of Yahoo with the mandate to change the Yahoo to a powerhouse and revenue generator.

Called a woman of instinct by Forbes and Forbes writes and thinks she made a mistake of not keeping people motivated ( in context to  announcement made by Yahoo Stopping “Work From Home” policy just 4 days back. 

There was a huge uproar about this and many thought she made a mistake. 

Just after 4 days many have admired her bold step feeling being in office an employee becomes more creative and dedicated to work. The atmosphere of office make an employee to come out of her thought process and helps to concentrate on the work.  

How true is that ? That the worker knows better and Marissa knows !!

I agree with her idea and admire it is a good bold step to increase employee efficiency and thought process towards work. 

All the best for further bold steps…..


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Last Month of the Financial Year……

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on March 1, 2013

In many countries of the world the last month of the financial year falls in December and in India it is March.

The basic observation

In other countries December ending with the Festival is always a blissful month. The next year planning is done in last quarter of the year and after 15th of December people are free and in festive mood.

In India Last month of the Financial year – March has always been a painful experience for the companies and employees with target achievement, stock clearance, accounting and what not ?



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