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My First lesson at Golf changes my age old belief about TARGET

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 18, 2014

Recently, I went to Dhaka Golf Club to start my Golf Coaching.  A very nice place.


A huge 18 course golf club with beautiful amenities. I met with my instructor and he started with basic lessons for Golf….

1. Outfits and Clothing – What to were and what not to ?

2. Stretching – pretty simple every one needs basic stretching of the body before any golf game

3. Posture – How to stand, how to move body, how to hold the club in your hand with proper grip without force

4. Target – When you hit the ball, don’t look at the the ground, look at the ball only. Calculate in your mind about the need of thrust, distance and angle. And look at the ball (ONLY) while hitting. If you start looking at the ground there are chances you might miss the target as other parameters might not fulfill.

This point exploded age old belief of “Create your target and always look at that” by a small change “Create your target (long term) but always be focus on the current achievements(short term)”.

A very important management lesson from my golf instructor. Thanks to him.


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