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Career in Sales is like Index of Stockmarket

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on April 29, 2013

Many of my friends in top positions are egoistic.
Many of them feel they are smarter than their sub ordinates and many a times their bosses.
Many of them are rude towards downline and unnecessarily polite towards upline.
Many of them are under illusion of being the best among the heard.
Many of them take (snatch) the privilege of scolding the team members, cross team and anyone who comes across not capable enough.

Many of them suffer from many mental and emotional phases.
Many of my friends create an impression of vulnerable and unpredictable boss bullying others.
Many of them tend to loose politeness at least towards down-lines.

And my Boss, Friend, Philosopher and Guide mentored me with some points as below….
(Mr. Abhijit Kumar :

>> Never feel you would remain at the same position for your lifetime. Career in sales is like Index of Stock market -always moving Up and down
>> Be humble to others, specially towards your downline and colleagues from cross team.
>> Ego is good in work not in relationship.

I found them really worth practicing.


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Future Human = (M)Human = Mindless Human

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on April 11, 2013

A girl walking on the road listening to the music but not interested. 

A student in the class to learn Mathematics continuously replying to IM messages. 

A person having digital screens across everywhere – Computer in Office, Tablet on the go, Mobile for other than calling work,  TV in home and OOH Screens while out. 

Currently we are splurged with choices. And we are hooked to multiple screens and voices whether we like or dislike, whether we need it or not. 

The addiction of the digitalness might deteriorate the “Generation Next” with weak eyes, weak ears and may be weak mind too ! On relationship front it has already started fading !

And our scientist might come up with the idea to implant few miniature accessories by birth. Like Digital chip for long lasting eye, digital bud for the ears and so on. 

They might come up with the idea where the people who have lost their thinking power (due to digitalness) can think based on the huge database in the backend.

May be a micro chip which listens every conversation in voice, translates in the words sends the message to the brain, brain will try to reply the query. IF brain does not have answer it will ‘google out’ the answer being connected with the web. And finally the right answer will come out in brain, brain will translate in voice and the person will reply.

It seems like fiction but the day are not far being an (M)Human; a Mindless Human if we don’t start thinking immediately. 



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Value of a person – As much as a connection on Social Media !!!

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on April 5, 2013

With the growing social media and IM influence, I noticed in past few years people have lost the respect of other ones on personal values. For every person the next one is just like a connection on the social media, which can be disconnected any point of time and many new can be added !!! 

Today a very few cares about the other one on personal esteem and moral values. Instead they measure the other one.  

It is easy now to attach and detach with each other.

An era of FLEXIBLE (attachable and detachable) SOCIETY !!


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