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Story of a Boy and Balloon Vendor [Brief]

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on February 21, 2014

This is an old story ….

A black boy was standing along with his friends surrounding the Balloon vendor. The Balloon vendor had many balloons big, small, round, pink, yellow, white, blue, black filled with gas. The boys were wondering why the balloons are going up and not falling down ?

The black boy hesitantly asked the balloon vendor : “Even this black one will go up with white, blue and yellow ? Will it not fall down ? “
The vendor smilingly replied : “My dear Boy, IT is not about the color of the balloon, it is about the material from which it is made and what is filled inside the balloon.  Every Balloon is made from the same material and has similar gas filled inside and so every balloon can go up. ”

What is your first reaction ?


One Response to “Story of a Boy and Balloon Vendor [Brief]”

  1. ratan14 said

    Every individual is same and has the ability to grow upwards. People are often cast aside because of their race, color, gender and work instead of getting to know about their ability.

    Giving it to more of thought, I realize this story has more to it. The idea that bad luck, tough choices, poverty doesn’t make us black boy. And we don’t have to exist as a captive all our lifetime. But success is all matter of toil and dreams. A message of great inspiration ‘I too will hit the top’. Taking examples of Abdul Kalam and Chris Gardner success life stories.

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