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High Cost of BAD Hire …

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on July 17, 2013

I was reading this article by Ryan Holmes on Linkedin.

Pretty straight forward article, I would say.  Still it was missing the pain points of any company. I tried to jot down few points on “High Cost of BAD Hire” as under…. ( This is more of the India Centric, Sales Centric and would have basic comparison with Intl Standard).

1. Big Picture – A common strategy opted by the candidates before the interview. They can easily show you the Moon in your Palm. Promptly, Convincingly, Confidently.  Which eventually proves false and the initiates the mistrust between  the employee and employer. Finally many a times, Non Achievers are shown the door. In this entire process the loose is – The Employer.

2. Non Punctual – About time, reports, meetings, work.  Many Hires are easily forgets everything !!!  Real Funny !!! Many of them pretend they have forgotten.  Never reach office in time, never reach to the clients in time, never does the reporting in appropriate or timely manner (I guess they feel reporting is the low category work). They are never sure why they are going for the meeting ( Agenda) and never like to send MoM (Minutes of the Meeting) to put the discussion in Black and White.

Every wrong move makes the company bleed !

3. Learning Curve –  Many people never learn, many never like to learn, many never try to learn !!! They might fall in any category. They are the burden for the Employer / Company.

Every org has its own culture, way of working, process and ideology.  When employees join they always put in their CV they are “Quick Learners”.  But somehow they can not come out of their mind set to learn something new. They always like to behave in their own way, they way they feel comfortable upto their petite knowledge.

The situation – They don’t know few things and (probably due to their Self Ego) they feel ashamed learning new.  IT could be a sales trick, process, approach, presentation or anything.

In every case and situation Employer / Company is loosing on Brand reputation, Image, Resources.

4. Union – Many companies feel pinch of the Unions. Earlier it was very difficult for the Employers to do business. Now a days there are no formal unions but there are non formal unions. The small groups of the people come up with their issues with other groups, stall the work, create the situation against the employer / company and disrupt the business.


5. Ethics / Morale –  Many of them are unaware of those words when in the job.  (Many employers too !)

In few points I have mentioned here, are the basic points. yet, it can dent the companies with the High Cost of the BAD Hire.

Hope we change,





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