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My replies on “Do you agree that the next generation of marketing is mobile driven?”

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on July 15, 2013

Few points I would suggest here…..

1. Mobile is not about next generation. It already has penetrated our lives by now. It has to be current generation.
2. Next Generation would be multi devices as Tanner said above.
3. Marketing has always been the content driven, mobile would be the medium. Hence, we need to have better Content to serve your message withing the limits of a devices. Better and faster you adapt more you spread out.
4. We need to create the SOLUTIONS around the business / organisation / target group / other specs. Once that is done, you can have better audience using the mobile / devices.
5. Less intrusive and more likeable way of reaching the right audience is always a good option when we use the personal devices (mobile / laptop / tabs and alike).


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