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A small story – Only for the people from SMS background …

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 7, 2013

Recently, I was dumbfound with some amazing reporting few of the clients receive in general  while they push SMS via Transactional route. 

 The story starts here.

 Many of the SMS Aggregators have the clients like Banks, Insurance companies and alike. When they do the SMS Push on the Transactional route, they show “More than 95% (Industry Standard) to 98% of SMS delivery to SIM”

 Sending Transactional messages to the clients is a normal practice most of the banks follow here.

 I am sure above point seems pretty simple and sweet.

 Thinking in Indian scenario, many of the clients keep changing their mobile number and are not very punctual updating it with Bank or Insurance companies. And that number becomes dead. Means not working.

 There is no particular statistics, but asking few industry veterans and colleagues, I found the ratio of dead number has to be between 5%  to 15% !!!

 That means only 85% to 95% of numbers can receive any messages sent by anyone, including the Banks, which receives the Delivery Report of more than 95% (?)!

 That means you have 5% to 15% numbers dead in your database and you receive the report which shows more than 95% (non delivery to mere 2 to 3%).   And many of the people still like to believe the statistics of the received reports.

 I am sure you also would go dumbfound reading this.  

 The story has ended.

 I don’t claim to prove anything in this entire story.  I don’t claim my figures are accurate.  I would suggest to get the database checked with HLR Lookup to believe it. 


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