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The World Environment Day – Safeguarding environment has to be the culture not celebration

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 6, 2013

Many years ago when the Environment was not behaving unpredictably and Global Warming was under control,  a foreign scientist visited India (then a third world country or an Emerging Country).  Recycling was not famous even in the western culture then.


He was very curious how people live in India with little amenities even then people are happy here.

While his visit to a village, he saw one person giving (not donating) his clothes to his younger sibling.  Curious enough, he asked the mother of both about what is happening and why the clothes are given to the younger one ?  His dilemma is why there is no “Use and throw “?


The mother explained the clothes which are still in good condition are shared with the other members of the family.  The curiosity extended to the next level to understand when they throw the clothes. Mother explained further after sharing the clothes multiple times when the clothes are completely torn down, it is used for making quilts.  The homemade quilts are used for 5 to 10 years. After that it is given to the poor people or it is used for cleaning the house.  The same cloth worn 10 to 15 years before, is still in use!!


The scientist was stunned to hear so but that was not the end.  The mother added  and after a year or two when the cloth is completely useless, it is scrapped and mixed with the cowdung to surface the walls of the hut. 


The cloth manufactured once used for almost 15 to 17 years and then it is used for some unconventional way.


If the things are reused or recycled properly we can save the environment in a big way by eliminating the need of large production. Eventually leads to save the environment.


The scientist understood why India (then an Emerging country) does not need to celebrate “The World Environment Day”.  Here recycling or reusing is the part of life.


Safeguarding Environment has to be the culture not the celebration for a day.


We still have time to act and change our habits. Think twice before throwing anything assuming it is useless !!



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