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Agile enemy better than dumb friend

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on June 3, 2013

A very old proverb in Gujarati and many other language 

મૂરખ મિત્ર કરતા ચાલાક દુશ્મન સારો  !!!

Seen at many places…

IF we consider in politics 

–  The smart supporter is better than the crowd of dumb people (though it is proving wrong now a days) 

In operations / business…..

– A team of dumb people does not generate result 

– A team of dumb support guys can mishandle so nicely can put the entire company in jeopardy on regular basis 

– A team of dumb sales people can easily make you miss the targets

– A lousy team of accountants without professional qualification can harm a company 

IN sports 

– A smart player in cricket can easily make the team of 12 to loose the game 

– A smart person at heading the committee can deny stepping down on the moral grounds 

In Life 

– A group of relatives without any affection or emotional value are as strangers as you find many people around you in the local fair 

– A set of friends interested in partying only are similar to connection on the social media 


Why not to have…

limited but the best ?

Small but significant ?

Less and challenging !

Quality and commanding !




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