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What is better ? Rusting or Chopping, Mincing, Grinding ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 27, 2013

Many of the intellectuals believe…

“Not to Invest Resources in the place where you feel outcome is not expected” 

This is true for the Intellectuals !!!

When many of the Sales People start believing the same, it is Anarchy !!

And when they stop their activities on the same belief and stop working analysing their most of the activities are not going to gain them (?)!!

Now just think about the 80:20 ratio and if the sales people stop putting their efforts for 80% of the prospect.

We all have received advise from our elders in one or other form : It is better to get Chopped, Scrubbed, Minced than to sit idle and do Nothing (Rusting). 

Same applies to the Sales. 

When one (sales person) feels there it is not good to invest resources behind some work, telecalling, meeting the prospects, after sales meeting with clients, doing research on competition, learning new things of the same domain and going out on the field;  her career graph starts declining from that point. 

There is always something better. And even if not, there is nothing to loose for her. 

Activities done are never lost resources. Activities not done is always leads to missing the targets. Leading to repenting.

Activities makes a sales person alive. Sitting idle or imitate doing something (sitting in the office) does not create any opportunity for her. 




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