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This is for my friends from Africa, ME and Rest of the world…

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on May 2, 2013

Few days back an ex colleague and friend of mine – Ashwin Roy Choudhary (Bombil Media) was throwing out his anger on FB. He was cheated by some Indian SMEs for payment after services consumed. And few others joined them with the similar experience.

Some clients don’t pay (Even after the agreement)
Some clients don’t pay in time. (after long past the payment due date)
Some clients don’t pay complete amount accusing there were issues in the vendor’s services after consuming services 3 months earlier. (this is just to create a loop of few week more for non payment)
Some clients don’t pay in time saying the papers are sent signing and (fortunately) CFO is on holidays. (Indian CFOs are lucky they get vacation whenever they have to pay)!!

And there might be other 100 reasons for not paying. (To pay they need only one reason – To pay)

Though all Indian Enterprises are not cheaters, but this modus operandi is observed in majority of them. Like it has become a trend, like it their psyche.

Currently, we are working with the largest Retailer in India. Our Payment is pending for last 3 months after due date. And while asking for payment we are being forwarded from department to departments. A lot of communication, but nobody utters a single word for payment. And the irony is the CFO level people are not humble enough to reply the mails also. Pity on this Indian system of payment.

A largest media company paid us after 2 months of rigorous followup (After due date). And that too in parts.

I am sharing this to make aware my friends from outside India.

When they partner with Indian companies they get exited. And afterwards (typically paying in advance) they are duped with money, services and promise.

So, take care.

Some Indian companies likes “Not to Pay” , “Not to Pay in time”, “Counting on interest earned on the days not paid”, “Enjoy not paying” and many such reason.

Many companies in India are not cautious about their good will or brand name. They like to become BAD Pay Masters.

It is not correct for everyone, there might be good companies as well.

Yet we being in India we have many bad experiences. And we cherish those experiences.


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