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Career is like a Kongming Lantern

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on February 1, 2013

Kongming (sky) Lanterns are pretty famous in East Asia, typically China and Taiwan. 

Now a days with all Chinese goods Kongming Lanterns have flooded Indian market and gain huge popularity during this Kite Flying season in West of India (14th January is observed as a Kite Flying day in Gujarat).  You can find every family on the terrace of the small houses flying kites, enjoying sweets, singing and playing. The day of seer enjoyment. Many of the Kite Flying Enthusiast were flying Lantern in the night. IT needed special skills to attach a lantern with the flying kite and maintain against gusty wind changing its course.  This year my brother bought one  Chinese Lantern called Kongming Lantern or Sky Lantern at the cost of 50 Rupees. (approx 1 US$). 




This is just a piece of paper properly made, well thought having scientific ideas used in creation. Just like a well educated student out of the University. 

We have to lit the wax properly before it flies, similar to be careful choosing a career path. 

And once the air inside the balloon is hot it picks up and elevates by itself. No fuel, no propeller and no thrust required. Though a person elevates herself in the career with the burning desire to rise and rise. The burning desire and hard work raises you in the career. 


And the Kongming Lantern goes up in the sky without pilot. External forces navigates its course of ply. IF the external forces are positive the career is on the positive side, else …..




After gaining good height it is almost disappearing from our eyes. 


And the time the fire is exhausted, there is no hot air in the lantern. The lantern falls !

The person when looses the fire in her action, experiences the same thing. 

There are many arguments and counter arguments for the given similarity, the message is…

1.  Keep Burning Desires to Rise in the career

2. Try to remain within positive external forces 

3. Never forget your (past) ground from where you have risen. Never forget people who helped you to rise.

4. Better to be controlled and safe than uncontrolled and unsafe !





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