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Funny Business ….

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 12, 2012

Sharing a small incident here.

A few days back certain so called association serving aggregation industry got a pinch due to Telecom Regulatory and Operators’ decision.

And due to that Last few days have been a real nightmare for many of association members’ tech guys and support dept; not sparing management – Price rise, competition, support coordination and limping account movement.

With all these, the business faltered and a frustrating environment was created. Internally and externally (competitors, operators, regulators and many).

The members of association decided to work in cooperation to tackle the problems and made a cartel. They invited other companies doing similar business to join and fix the floor price. They also decided they will convince the Operators (Big Brothers) else fight with them.

And the funniest part starts now.

– None of them knew whom to meet in the Operators ( all of them were in business for more than 2 years) !!
– None of them knew which office undertakes their sort of business in Operator
– None of them realised they do insignificant business in terms of total revenue for operators
– None of them stuck to the price fixing
– None of them cartalisation of pricing is not allowed in the country

2nd part of the fun starts here…

– Everyone of them were bullish on Customer Retention
– Everyone failed to have Operator Relations
– Everyone failed to put their Ideas clear
– Everyone was busy in pulling each others’ legs

And the result …

They made uproar without significance and wasted lots of time and energy in internal discussion.

It was funny to observe the so called experienced, market leaders
– Not having carrier relation, inspite being in business for years
– Not knowing people in side the Operator
– Making one’s self fool by having the
– Discussing about Money cartel which is prohibited in the country
– Not adhering to their own words of Floor price fixing and giving lower price to their customers in person

Last but not least..
– Talking about punishing the Operators was like seeing a rat abusing the Cats after 2 pegs of alcohol

Most funniest ever…


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