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Ego – When and Where

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on December 12, 2012

Many Sales people play with EGO. Sometimes their own, sometimes their boss’, sometimes coworkers and many a times customers’.

I would prefer people with EGO. This is the best motivator for any sales person. This is the best driver helping one to achieve the target, closing deals, convincing customer, and being creative with solution for the clients.

Yet one always tends to eliminate, scrub, rub, forget and alter the thin line between “Having Ego inside” and “Uttering harsh words impulsed by EGO”.

Here is the difference to identify. This difference can be correct only by oneself. Teacher’s can not teach it, trainers can not keep the check on your impulsed EGO.

Do a small exercise :

Just record your talk with the customers using the mobile phone and listen to the same at later time. Like we read our own writing to correct it later. And try to identify what makes you impulsive to utter the words hurting others’ EGO. Also try to use alternate words for the common ones.

During the listening try to correct…
– Your opening (with different lines)
– Few words (We instead I where possible)
– Respecting words ( for the client, your products / solutions and your company)
– Eliminate the accusing and confronting words
– Thanks and Goodbye lines

Try to re run ( speak again ) the entire episode assuming you are in front of the customer. And keep the recording ON. Listen it once again and you will find a “Different YOU” talking.

Initially, this is going to take some time, after 5 rehearsals like above mentioned it will be absolutely normal and fast.

Even after practicing for long, the EGO is still there, only YOUR Approach has changed, your words have changed, your style has changed.

Let your EGO be there motivating you to achieve your sales, but keep it limited to yourself without sharing with others !!!

Goodluck with your EGO.


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