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Where are we competing against China in International Market ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on November 3, 2012

India and China are always neck to neck competing each other in business, services and exports. 

The time – a couple of years back when Chinese products were considered CHEAP in price and durability against Indian products. Many overseas buyers trusted Indian companies for their durability and quality. And we got easy access in the Emerging Markets with better reputation than peer. 

Many Indian companies started the business and escalated. Later they found it easy to get business on promise in Africa and other places. Overseas companies trusted us and they miserable failed. 

Even today I keep receving calls from my friends in Africa informing they have been cheated by some or other companies from India. 

This is not the end.  

During this time, Chinese companies understood their mistakes and corrected themselves.  They gave trustworthy solutions and products. Their business deals became neat and clean. Their client servicing has improved and they started taking care even for the order of a single piece. Unbelievable but true !

Now what we could do in Africa in past 50 years to cover the business, China would do in next 10 years or less with improved approach and scaled trustworthiness. 

A live example of the approach of Indian companies we encountered….

WE are eager to have Indian Aggregators on board and they are always welcome. In this course CEO of one company of repute visited our office twice and finalised the business deal. 

The work was allocated to the next level person for tech and hand holding by him. 

Unfortunately, Indian SMS companies are not exposed to the International SMS technologies and they never try to understand deeply about it.  This mentality creates havoc for us when they knowingly or unknowingly start sending SMS out without the idea of the effect. And when they receive the bill for payment, they start finding ways how they hide their mistakes and can avoid payment.  They also tend to delay payments and when their fault is exposed they come down to lowest point of business ethics. This creates allegations, accusation and finally disputes.

In this case we loose both – a client and money !  

Even after centuries of business practice, we still lack the business ethics in India when it comes to payment. At time of starting of business everything is sweet ! When it comes to payment, payer starts allegation to delay or non payment. When it comes to payment, they don’t like to be called. Even the CEO who came to finalise business deal does not have time to revert or pick up the call. How low, how strange, how fictitious the ethics are ? How long can Indian companies grow doing this practice. Why don’t we have the bravery to solve the issue ? Why can’t we go to the vendor for payment, rather being reminded multiple times ? Why we don’t find better way to scale the cooperation than finding way for non payment and accusations ? 

China has already started upgrading themselves, it is time for Indian companies to introspect, else be ready to loose the credit in (International) market !!



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