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Why USA can lead ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on November 2, 2012

Before, during and after SANDY – the POTUS and opponent stopped the campaigns, did not fight during the calamity time, and focused completely on pubic benefits rather personal benefits. There was no noise of Election during this time from Media also prioritizing public problems first and TRP next.

There were many ups and downs during past week. Before Sandy there was the climate of FIGHT between President and Opponent. Once they came to know about the possible extent, they stopped everything and focused completely on the Life Saving Plan. Complete govt machinery was allocated to help people. Currently in the mourning time of USA due to aftermath of SANDY, no one is taking political mileage. Instead, they are still focused on resolving public problems. Which eventually help them.

It is very rare to see this sort of situation among the politicians. Hats Off to both of them to preserve public dignity. First time seen, politicians – Who Cares about their people.

The personal characteristics and culture is defining your victory and leadership.
Petty and personal gains could make one happy for a while, but not everlasting. Your clean public image and trustworthy impression decides winning in long term.

This trait makes USA leader.


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