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Treachery – A trait ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on October 25, 2012

Recently seen some particular people having absolute trait of Treachery with the employer – Who is kind, gracious and absolute human. 


for those treacherous people….

> Either they don’t perform else they complain (about work pressure) when asked for performance 

>> Spread -vity among the closed group of people with similar qualities (!)

>>> Boast themselves with petty things

>>>> Master the internal politics


My (unsolved) questions ….

a. What next for them ?

b. What extend the kindness should be extended ?

c. What is the moral quality of this sort of people ?

d. How much money they make selling info ?

e. What is their career path?

f. Where is the faithfulness towards the employer ?

g. Where is the fun / work combination ?

and few others…


Solution :

Unsolved problem yet !! Will come back with solution soon.





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