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Systematic V/s. Non Systematic

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on October 23, 2012

There are many sales people, go for sales without prior homework. They simply “Go Out”. No plan, no estimate on putting efforts, no predictable outcome and no more research on the client. They simply GO. This method is successful in some direct marketing strategy. Yet not observed widely successful in the general.

This is like the fight between Systematic V/s. Non Systematic. Difference between Trained and Untrained. Disciplined v/s Undisciplined.

Non Systematic Sales could get some Fly by orders. Which makes the sales person a believer in the Non Systematic Sales process. And it also influences his peers. But they have very limited life cycle. They are not for ever.

Gradually the performance goes down and the person in under stress of sales. And the employer too…

A small team of Systematic Sales persons is more effective than pack of ruthless Go Getters.


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