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Fakebook or Facebook ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on October 9, 2012

Today I saw the below stats from net. I don’t know about its authenticity and shared with some of my family members.

Fakebook or Facebook

Within few mins of the mail, I recd the below mail from my uncle. I want to preserve and share some excerpts here…

Dear Asu et al,

You have done a family service by forwarding this. FB is extremely addictive and I think we have a lot more to lose than to gain. I think even in the ‘actual people’ mentioned in your breakdown, most are virtual – not representing their true personality / status / interest. They merely reflect pseudo character which they rather would want to show to others. There are vultures out there hitting on vulnerable teens and married women seeking emotional support.

Internet these days is addictive and time consuming. Only 1 out of 20 e-mails I receive is of real importance or use. Even goggling has plenty of problems of ‘problem of plenty’. I have to go in 20 sites to find my information.

The biggest advantage I see is that it has brought my family in US, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Canada, UK to communicate more often and has brought us all closer. The rest is mostly a waste of time.

I liked my life before TV, computers, mobiles and video games. I feel I used to actually communicate.

Love to all.

Amber Bavishi


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One Response to “Fakebook or Facebook ?”

  1. Divyaraj Bavishi said

    A superb output by Ashish and Amber Bavishi……..loved it…i even showed it to my kids….

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