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A common conduct by coworkers

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on September 24, 2012

Typical co workers in India follow the similar pattern of behaviour.

They make the co workers friends and foes. They don’t consider them as co workers instead. And they mix work relations with personal relations. So a person A with learn-able experience could be the enemy for person B because he was perceived as an Enemy and not as a friend. And person B looses the opportunity to learn from Person A’s vast experience. Similarly a non productive but chatty Person C could be a having nice relationship and Person B is spending good enough time and resources behind Person C. Because he was perceived as a very good friend.

The unfortunate Person B is loosing on time and resources on one hand and experience on other hand !!! Unfortunately he never realises about his loss.

This is a real trap of relationship.

Typical mistake is made by Sales people. And if they can not differentiate the people within their own teams, it becomes way to difficult for them to differentiate and categorise the clients / prospects. This skill gap widens in the later stage and the sales guy, though in the sales for years not capable enough to scale up.


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