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Why John Rambo was frustrated ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on September 24, 2012

Last Saturday, I saw a part of RAMBO II on TV once again. The classic movie series of the One Man Army and extraordinary movie of its time. I have seen these series countless times and still like to see as many times as possible.

The last few words of Frustrated Rambo smashing the entire makeshift office, computers and everything.

I want, they want ( Other soldiers), we all want our Government to care for us the way we care for it.

This scene and the words directly relates to the frustration of a soldier as a common man.

What a common man needs ? A house, handful of money, Clean Water, Clean Air and healthy food. Good education for the children and may be few other desires….

That is it.

If you don’t get so, don’t tell me you are angry with your Govt and converging as next Rambo !!!


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