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Solution (Technology) Sales – Types

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on September 20, 2012

In general there are few types while selling Solutions (Technology)…

My Client wants Types – They never understand the technology and focus on the client demands. They are absolutely harmful for the employer

I did it Types – They never believe in teamwork. They do lot of research, try to get the best of themselves, not company. Without the assistance of the other department they can not complete client requirements and get frustrated. They are generally egoistic. They are good and bad also.

I know someone Types – They know everyone in every company across the industry with their past experience. And good to have them along to enter in any company. Their strength is their relationship. This also can be partially good. Many a time they fail on price negotiation and kneel to the customer demand for less pricing.

I can open the doors Types – They can talk to anyone on the client side on instructions. They are focused. Yet need external push.

I have many orders Types (at lower rates) – They always have industry info. Market Knowledge. They benchmark competitor price and propose lesser than the competition to get the order. They never focus technology but price. And they are always winners at the lower price and always looser on the commercial negotiation.

Techno Commercial Types – This has been the best breed of Sales People. They start with Technology and end with technology. Price is always secondary when they are in the negotiation.

I don’t care Types – This is a different breed of sales people. They like to get the order at their price, irrespective of the industry trend. And they are happy to loose orders. They are bad in the circumstances when they have very low funnel. But they can do wonders when they have huge funnel. Being sober while declining order from the client can create good impact.

There are few more… may be next….


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