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FEAR in a Sales Person : A COMPLETE LOSS to the EMPLOYER

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 12, 2012

In the Emerging Economies Sales people are always vulnerable to the external attacks and internal fear.

Some know challenges they face are…..

1. Pressure of Target 

2. Peer Pressure / Management Pressure

3. Killing Competition within and outside 

4. Lack of knowledge 

5. Over promise and under performance 

6. Processed work / Work Discipline

7. Unnecessary high self esteem which sometimes converts into Ego

8. Focused Approach 

9. Lack of Market Research 

10. Lack of professionalism

11. Low salary and struggle in life

12. Burning desire for High profile Life style 

13. Working for MONEY only (and not for WORK)

and few others…

READING and MARKET RESEARCH has been an important aspect for any one to succeed in competitive global market.  Typically in sales.

Above reasons are making them vulnerable to FAIL more. 

Unfortunately, it does not stop with FAILING. IT leads to to the internal political war in the EGOISTIC ones and at the end the Employer is at LOSS !! 

To avoid the loss at the end of the year The Employer has to either remove the FEAR with the help of the HR Dept or take some steps which can SAVE the entire company to getting toppled up. 



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