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Rare Species of Teachers – I salute

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on August 1, 2012

Recently, I happened to visit a function held by Phalashruti (Mumbai) ( The org is setup by the teachers and they finetune students of 10th and 12th on how to appear, explain and write in the exams.  I  have found very few org like this.  And the best part of this org is they are not Money Minded. They are typical teachers, everyone must have read in the books or experienced in past.  The strict, straight forward, simple and having values. In Mumbai they are really helping thousands of the students and I feel there is huge requirement of this species in the education sector through out India.

On the one side we find Coaching class charging Millions and on other side these people trying to help students, fighting with modern day tactics to earn money of so called Educationalists !!

They work on Sundays ! They check every single page, paragraph and word written by the students before giving the marks, they advise on how to writer properly and perform better, they also motivate students by giving them awards. 

I salute those people and hope they do not extinct in this Money Oriented Education Maze. 



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