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India as super power

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on November 11, 2010

We all are very happy and enthusiast after Barack Obama’s visit and his pleasing comments about India (us).

Infact, the growth done by the industry is really tremendous and next few years will show us the real results.

Some of the areas of concern here ….

– Telecom Sacm by A. Raja  INR 177,0000000000000 ( 1.77 Lakh Crore). I might have mistake to put zeros !! Unable to count !

– CWG, Adarsh, Mines in Jharkhand and Andhra are recent and some of them ongoing.

And yet we need to take in account the productivity of our techies viz a viz us techies.

I am aligned and having very high respect with the people of  India.

If the basic struggle for livelyhood is removed from their life, they can shine as stars.

Being super power will not be far and every individual would be a Super Power.

I wish…


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