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What they don’t teach you at BSchool – 1

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on February 23, 2010

In past 20+ years, with my personal experience and recently done MBA gave me idea where is the missing link.

I had many doubt about the process, approach and many other things. Many of them are still not satisfied. But here are some excerpts…

1. Culture :

2. TAT

3. Keep a holt on Blabbering

4. Drive

5. Spiritual Marketing

6. Morale

7. Being Frugal( Next Door Millionaire)

8. Practical Planning : IT has been observed that,  the Thesis or reserach reports are always submitted late by MBA students

9. Give back to society

10. Values in Life

11. Work for 3 months and get the orders for next 9 months in a year

12. Discipline

13. Image building



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