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Posted by Ashish Bavishi on January 16, 2010

IT is has been long since, I wrote last.

There was (and is) a lot of hope on 2010 in Dec 2009.

In the beginning of 2010, from the responses of the people, it felt like the entire world has changed in a day. And it is a new beginning for the world.

And the best is, 2010 has started with lots of hopes for the people worldwide. ( I will relate more with the International Community).

For me, it seems 2010 has started with lots of hope and possible changes.

After completion of my MBA (Marketing), I am geared up for the Doctorate degree and wishing to start my PhD with VAS ( Telecom) domain. Searching for the University and Guide is the toughest job. It is really to find the needle from the haystack. And need to devote the time to find the guide and University.

Not sure, when it will be possible, but HOPE make the man alive and kicking.



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