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Should I, Should I not ?

Posted by Ashish Bavishi on January 6, 2009

Sometimes in the life it is crucial time to decide on something.

And for me also, it is the same time.

Should I or Should I not ?

This is about my career. At certain juncture, I feel what next. And when I see towards the horizon, it is too far.

Many ideas, thoughts spurr  in the mind. But still there is no fixed / sure shot answer to that. Still some more brain storming is needed, I guess. Many calculations, many considerations for  +ve and -ve.

But at last, It is all destiny.

And as I strongly believe, Mother nature does not take you wrong path, it is always better at the end of the day.  I will follow that after struggling a lot with thinking.

Goodluck to me.



One Response to “Should I, Should I not ?”

  1. Phani said

    I wish you a very good prosperity to come on your way and i am always there with you and i know you are with me.

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